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This is a OGA game jam submission, filled with bugs, typos and maybe even sprinkled with a few fatal errors. I got a pretty late start on this project and maintained high ambitions throughout, regardless of the clock! The goal was to to combine two of my favorite game styles into one, Trine and Megaman. I'm not sure I accomplished any of that but given that just about all 2d assets that were taken from OGA were at least modified to some degree and I managed to make a few of my own, including my first tileset ever, I am proud that I was able to submit something playable!


A variety of enemies with unique movements and attack patterns.

A particle system, accompanied with the occasional lag.

An example powerup.

Megaman-esque shooting/charge system.

Mana based powers... Or rather just the one.

Wall jumping.

Acquiring skills through exploration... Well just the one skill.

Various moving platforms with their own functionality.

Two example puzzles, where the greatest challenge is the flawed mechanics.



Movement: Arrow keys

Shoot: X (hold to charge)

Jump: Z

Jump down through Jump Through Playforms: Down Arrow + Z


Movement: Left Analog Stick

Shoot: X (hold to charge)

Jump: A

Jump down through Jump Through Playforms: Left Stick Down + A

Additional Notes: I was working on the animations for the main character but only made it to the idle and jump sprites. The current one was only meant to be a stand-in, but I ran out of time. So, after the Jam has reached it's conclusion, I will be removing this.  All in all, I hope you enjoy it, regardless of the shortcomings!

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Published Jul 28, 2017

Install instructions

Extract and run the application inside the folder.


WitchyBizness.zip 6 MB

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