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SpaceyBlast (a lame name that required ZERO throught!) is a game inspired by a combination of Asteroids and Dungeon Defenders, if you can imagine.

Menu Controls
Menu Navigation: Arrows/Thumb-stick/D-Pad
Menu Accept: Enter, E, Gamepad Face-Button Bottom
Menu Back: Escape, Q, Backspace

Ship Controls
Rotate ship: Left/Right Arrows, Left ThumbStick, A/D
Thrusters: Spacebar, Gamepad Face-Button Down
Shoot: Z, X, K, L, Gamepad Face-Button Left, Gamepad Right Shoulder, Gamepad Right Trigger
Shields: Shift (left or right), Gamepad Left Shoulder, Gamepad Left Trigger
Start Wave: Enter, Gamepad Start
Return To Ship Interieor: Escape, Q, Gamepad Face-Button Right


  • When you get overwhelmed (and you probably will), use asteroids for cover.
  • Circular flight and constant movement help stay ahead of the line of fire.
  • Try to not run out of shields, the reboot time is killer!
  • Shields have magnetism with gems/money!
  • Gun damage is pricey but it helps the most!

What are we looking at?

This game has 1 level with 20 waves.

  • Each wave SHOULD become more difficult.
  • At the end of each wave, there is some bonus money. The bonus amount is determined by how much health you have at the end of each wave
  • In between waves, you can go inside your ship and spend your money on various upgrades or repairs at 3 different stations
  • Should you die, it's game over and a fresh start
  • Should you beat the boss, it's game over anyway and a fresh start

Goals of this project:

  • Asteroids-esque drifty/floaty ship movement
  • Visually unquestionable with hiques and indicators, as it has been brought to my attention that it's hard to see what's happening in most space shooters?
  • A basic template, designed with scalability in mind should I decide to carry it further.
  • Using UE4 and primarily built with C++, using Blueprints only for gameplay extensibility
  • In Fable 3, you have to go to a mansion or a castle or something, instead of an actual menu for things like inventory management. I thought it was a great idea with poor execution (long hallways and you have to walk the menu too often!), so I decided to do something similar but allow viewing of the ships interior, during what would be considered in Dungeon Defenders the "build phase" and upgrade stuff at various stations.


  • I limited myself to using a very limited amount of materials. As, such things are pretty ugly, consisting of mostly purple and green
  • Would have loved to get a few more levels pumped out, but alas, I'm out of ships and time
  • Enemy ship types that utilize a shield; this was partially implemented but I figured I'd leave it as a stretch goal
  • Dialogue system: I managed to write out a basic story-line with dialogue and even had a family member do the character portraits, game jams and time :/
  • Android port (I really just need the buttons for controlling the ship)

Ships: Kenney.nl

Boss Ship: ChewyCereal

Ship Interior Props: Kenney.nl, Quanternius

Planet + Asteroids: Zisongbr

Additional Asteroid: Rupert Spore

Textures: Kenney.nl

UI: Kenney.nl, Xelu

SFX: Kenney.nl


  1.  Game Over: Oiboo
  2. In-Game Calm and In-GameBattle: Leonardo Paz AKA Leohpaz
  3. Intro/Titescreen: Alexandr Zhelanov
  4. Ship Interior: Remaxim


SpaceyBlast.zip 74 MB

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